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Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops

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From 15th June 2020 and for a limited time I will be offering 1-2-1 landscape, astro, macro and close-up photography workshops in the Westcountry. These workshops will comply fully with all goverment advice concerning COVID-19 and we will work mainly in locations where we are unlikley to encounter others.

I ask that all participants follow me between locations in their own vehicle and that we maintain the 2m rule at all times.

Initially you must be able to travel to the Westcountry and back in a single day, as overnight accomodation is not possible.

A degree of flexibility helps with these workshops, as weather conditions play an important role when it comes to how productive they can be. In the event of unfavourable conditions I will always attempt to reschedule the workshop for another day.

I have temporarily reduced the cost of my 1-2-1 workshops from £595 to £450 per day. For this you will receive 10 hours with me in the field.

We will speak beforehand to determine exactly what you would like to learn during the workshop. This will enable me to build a bespoke itinerary to make the most of the day. I'm happy to cover any topics you like within the boundaries of landscape, astro and close-up nature photography. These can include for example:

  • Wide-field astro-landscape photography techniques (including the use of a sky tracker)
  • Focus-stacking for landscapes
  • Focus stacking for macro (including the use of in-camera functions and additional equipment such as focussing rails)
  • Lighting techniques for close-up nature photography

If you would simply like me to take you on a tour of some of my favourite locations to maximise the number of good images you can capture on the day that it also possible.

For those who are keen to capture some of the Westcountry's most iconic views in misty conditions (such as Corfe Castle or Colmer's Hill) I can try to arrange a last minute 1-2-1 workshop for that very purpose. This would be a half day workshop at a cost of £300.

If you're keen to resume your photographic learning after this long period of inactivity please get in touch using the contact form here.




10 hours field tuition


Transport, Meals & Drinks

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  • Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops
  • Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops
  • Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops
  • Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops
  • Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops
  • Socially distanced 1-2-1 Workshops

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