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I have been a professional landscape, nature and travel photographer for over twenty five years. My career began straight after graduating with a Degree in Photography from Salisbury College (Now Wiltshire College) in England, following various courses studying nature conservation.

My images are marketed by several leading photographic agencies including Nature Picture Library and AWL. I also manage a library of over 250,000 images from my own office.

My work has been published worldwide with clients that include: Canon, Amateur Photographer, Outdoor Photography, Photo Plus, Dorset Life, Archant Life publications, Telegraph, Guardian, The Reader's Digest, AA Publishing, The Ordnance Survey and many card and calendar publishers around the world. I have published two successful books on photography technique with David & Charles; 100 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs (2005) and 100 Ways to Take Better Nature and Wildlife Photographs (2009).

Although my main interest is photographing the wildlife and wild places of the British Isles, I also make many overseas trips each year. Wherever I am working I try to capture subjects in new ways, often working on new techniques in order to produce a unique image. Living in South West England I have a variety of beautiful landscapes and interesting habitats right on my doorstep and many of my most successful images have been taken within a few miles of my home.

Over the last twenty years I have increased the number of photographic workshops that I run to around forty each year. These take me and my clients to some of the world's most spectacular landscape and wildlife destinations.

I have always used Canon camera equipment, starting with an EOS650 film camera back in the late eighties. I now use an EOS R5 as my main camera body for both landscape photography and natural history work. Currently I also use an EOS R7 as a backup and useful additional camera body for wildlife photography. I use these mirrorless camera bodies with an adapter that allows me to continue using my range of Canon EF lenses from 8mm to 600mm.

I live in Dorset, England with my wife Cat, who often accompanies me on my photographic adventures around the world.

Thank you for visiting my web site and I hope you will enjoy viewing my portfolio galleries.

Guy Edwardes Photography Profile
Photographing Aurora Borealis in Finland at -35C
Guy Edwardes Photography Profile
Photographing the wild landscapes of Bulgaria