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Workshop FAQs

Here is a list of some of the questions I'm often asked about my workshops. If you're interested in attending one I suggest that you take a quick look through to see if this is the right sort of workshop for you. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Contact page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Will we cover any Photoshop techniques? ​During most of the 3-day+ workshops I will try to include some basic Photoshop guidance. I try to leave this for any periods of poor weather or light, but I will at the very least explain some of the processes required to make the most of the images you have taken during the workshop. Please don't expect me to teach you Photoshop from scratch as there are dedicated courses available for that! If you have a particular image that you're struggling to process feel free to bring it along and, if we have time, I will see if I can help. It is also worthwhile bringing a small selection of your previous work for me to see before the workshop begins.
  • What level of photographic equipment is required? ​This varies depending upon the specific workshop in question. Most landscape workshops require only a modest set of equipment. If you’re unsure what to bring please seek my advice. If you intend to invest in any new equipment for a workshop I’m always happy to offer advice. I hate to see people spend a lot of money on equipment that isn’t ideal for their needs. I have made plenty of equipment mistakes myself over the past 25 years, so please feel free to benefit from my experience!
  • Your workshops are all full…how do I book on one? ​My workshops have become very popular and I now have a waiting list for all of them. Details of new workshops are sent out to those on my waiting lists first, but with 70% repeat business most places are usually booked before I get a chance to advertise any openings on my website. If you're interested in a particular workshop the best thing to do is contact me by email to register your interest. Your name will then be placed on the waiting list for that workshop and as soon as I'm able to offer you a place I will get in touch (usually at least one year in advance). If you would like to find out your position on the waiting list just let me know. When my waiting lists get too long I normally try to fit in two or more workshops to that location in the same year, so you may not have to wait too long for a place.
  • Do you have a set itinerary for each workshop? ​No, I prefer to remain as flexible as possible and let the weather conditions on each day dictate location choice. That way I can try to make sure we are always in the best spots for whatever conditions we face. I only run workshops in locations that I know well, so I always have a long list of good locations to head for, whatever the weather!
  • Is there a single room supplement? ​In most cases no, the accommodation is based on single occupancy of a bedroom, usually with your own bathroom. However, I recommend that you check the individuals details for each workshop, as some parts of the trip might require you to share.
  • What can I do if I don’t own the necessary telephoto lenses for the wildlife workshops? ​I usually recommend hiring a lens (and possibly a more suitable tripod to go with it) from This also provides an opportunity to try out a fast telephoto lens at a reasonable cost. Just ask for my advice when booking.
  • How do I get to the workshop location? ​Technically all workshops begin from our workshop base, so you’ll need to arrange transport to that location. For UK based workshops I’ll normally try to collect people en-route if practical. For overseas workshops I’ll let you know exactly where and when to arrive.
  • Should I restrict the amount of equipment I bring with me? ​I always suggest carrying as much equipment as you’re able to. If you leave something at home you can bet that’s the one thing you’ll miss during the workshop! There’s always plenty of room in the vehicles we use. If you fly with either Easyjet or BA there is no restriction on the weight of hand luggage you can take into the cabin (only a size limit).
  • Will we be making use of early and late light? ​Absolutely! The period around sunrise and sunset offers the best conditions for photography, so I’ll always try to ensure that we’re in a good location at this time of the day.
  • Are these workshops suitable for those looking for a relaxing holiday taking photographs? ​Maybe not! The emphasis is very much on learning and obtaining a selection of impressive photographs during each trip. We usually have quite a hectic schedule and I’ll always try to fit in as much as possible during a workshop. Weather permitting we’ll always be up well before dawn and we’ll often stay out until after sunset (during long summer days we tend to have a break during the middle of the day). You may feel rather tired after the workshop, but you’ll have received good value for money! Tuscany is probably my most relaxing workshop location.
  • Why are food costs not included? ​As we tend to eat when and where we can it’s impossible for me to calculate the expected food costs for a whole workshop. Therefore it works in everyone’s favour (especially vegetarians and those with smaller appetites) if we simply pay our own food costs as we go along. This way you don’t end up paying any more for food than you actually need to.
  • Will we eat at regular times? ​We try to, but these are photography workshops (not holidays!) so the photography always takes priority. Sometimes we’ll eat at odd hours and on occasions we’ll need to buy sandwiches to eat on the go.
  • How many participants will there be on each workshop? ​On all of my UK based landscape photography workshops I only ever take three participants. Although this increases the cost of the trip for each person I feel there is no other way to run a successful landscape photography workshop. You will be free to explore each location as much as you wish but there is often only one ideal shooting position. Therefore, with only three fellow photographers, you will all be assured a chance to make the most of each location. I will also be able to offer advice on a more individual basis as required by each participant. On foreign landscape workshops there will be between five and six participants, but I run most of these with the help of a local photographer or guide, leaving me free to offer you more help. Only the Irish Seabird Workshop and Birds of Prey Workshop tend to have larger group sizes of between nine and ten participants, as it’s easier to work with larger groups during these particular workshops.
  • Are the workshops suitable for beginners? ​Yes, I often have beginners on my workshops. As I work mainly with very small groups I’m able to provide help on a more individual basis to those who need it most. Some workshops are more suitable for beginners than others, so it's best to ask this question when you send an enquiry.
  • Will Guy be taking photographs himself during the workshop? ​Yes. Although I realise that this can be a bone of contention on some workshops, personally I feel that there is a great deal that can be learnt from watching how a professional photographer works in the field – lens choice, shooting position, filter choice etc. In many locations I find it easier to select the ideal shooting position when composing the image myself and I can then show you why I chose that particular composition. However, I never let my own photography get in the way and I’m always there for you to ask questions at any time. You’ll be free to look through my viewfinder at any point to see the sort of composition I’m choosing myself. The fact that I tend to work only with very small groups makes it easier for me to teach in this way.