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03rd Oct 2023 (Sold Out)

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During this workshop we will photograph a variety of fungi species in woodland locations in Hampshire or Dorset (depending upon conditions at the time), along with some possible autumn woodland landscapes. The exact fungi species that we encounter will depend upon the weather and seasonal conditions. The itinerary is very weather dependent and will be confirmed on the day according to conditions. I have been photographing fungi in this region for almost 30 years, so I have a long list of locations to try, all depending upon how the season is progressing.

Fungi are one of my favourite subjects, principally because they don't tend to blow around in the wind or fly away! This means you have time to be be very creative with composition and lighting in order to achieve the perfect shot. During the day I will teach many of the techniques necessary to find and photograph autumn fungi. This will include the use of background bokeh, focus bracketing/stacking for front to back sharpness, use of additional lighting and much more. I will also demonstrate the use of extreme macro equipment for photographing really tiny fungi and slime moulds.

This will be an intensive day of photography beginning at 8am and finishing just before sunset at around 5pm. We will not be walking very far but you will need to be able to shoot from ground level at times, although tilting LCD screens are now a great help for low-angled shots!

  • £295

  • 3

  • Easy - just a little walking over rough but level terrain

  • Tuition & Guidance

  • Transport to location, Meals, Insurance

  • Fungi
  • Fungi
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