Head torches

In order to capture the best light around sunrise and sunset, landscape photographers often have to walk to and from locations in the dark. Trudging through wild and rugged landscape in the pitch black can be very hazardous, especially in coastal and mountainous areas. For this reason we all need to carry head torches. Over the years I have used many head torches. Most of these were adequate at best, and only then when new batteries were installed! Thankfully I was recently introduced to the LED Lenser H14.

This head torch is extremely bright and can help you to find a safe route by illuminating the landscape over 100m away. It has a zoom lens that provides either a wide flood of light or a sharp spot beam. It has a great feature that allows you to set the power management to either reduce the brightness of the beam as the battery drains (as most torches do) or maintain maximum brightness until the battery is drained (at which point the light goes out), which is the option I choose. The torch isn't particularly compact, but it's comfortable to wear. Thanks to the top strap the weight of the torch can't pull it down across your face. If you're in the market for a new head torch look no further!

Update: The new LED Lenser H14.2 has had its brightness increased to 350 lumens and also features an improved battery compartment.

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