Choosing the best insect repellent

Something that often spoils a photography session during the summer months are the midges and biting flies that often pester us photographers, and are especially troublesome around dawn and dusk – right when we need to be out with our cameras in order to capture the best light!

Midges can be unbearable at times, as my friend Blaz demonstrates here!

Having recently returned from the Scottish Highlands I thought it might be useful to mention a few of the solutions I have discovered for dealing with this particular problem! I have never really found bug repellents to be particularly effective. Even the highly regarded Skin So Soft "Bug Away" has had little effect when I’ve tried it. The only product that keeps the little blighters away from me is called Smidge. It was recommended to me in Scotland (home of the infamous “midge”) and it works very well indeed. I have now used Smidge in many locations all around the world and it continues to be by far the most effective insect repellent I have found. There is also the benefit that Smidge shouldn't cause any damage to plastics, unlike other repellents that contain DEET. Smidge is widely available in Scotland and can be ordered from the Smidge Store by clicking the image below.

The only way to keep biting flies permanently at bay is to use a full body midge net. This will make you look like a complete plonker, but who cares when it makes working outside so much more comfortable? In any case, we tend to be working either very early in the morning or late in the evening, so not many people are going to see us anyway! Mine is a permanent addition to my camera bag during the summer months.

A bug suit like this can make photographing in damp locations in summer much more comfortable!

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