11 Mar 2015

Three days in Cornwall

At the end of last month I ran a short coastal landscape workshop in Cornwall. One of the main aims with this workshop is to try to capture some big waves, that's why I run it in the winter months. However, you have to be very lucky for the dates to coincide with the tail end of a big storm, especially when the workshop is planned 18 months in advance! This time we got very lucky and were able to capture some great waves breaking over Longships Lighthouse, just off Land's End.

This time all my lighthouse images were taken using a Canon EOS 5D mkIII and the new EF100-400mm f4-5.6L II with EF1.4X II extender. I shot at 400 ISO, 1/500th sec @ f11 with the lens supported on a heavy Really Right Stuff Tripod with additional Long-lens support. The results are all pin sharp.

The beach at Porthcurno provided an interesting view at low tide, although it was necessary to climb into some fairly precarious positions in search of a good foreground!

I was amazed that this image came out sharp, as it's a 15 second exposure taken whilst being buffeted by 50mph winds and sea spray. Setting the tripod up on a rock and using my body to shield the camera and lens helped.

The waves at Godrevy Lighthouse (above) are rarely as spectacular as at Land's End. Nevertheless, we still manged to capture some nice images with long exposure times, good light and dark clouds. During the middle of the day we explored some coves and harbours where all the boats had been pulled well above the shoreline before the storm arrived.

Longships Lighthouse stands 2km off Land's End and is 35m high. It takes the full force of the Atlantic swell each time a storm passes through.

I have just returned from another workshop in the Outer Hebrides (where there was yet more wild weather). I shall be posting some images from this trip shortly.

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