03 Feb 2015

Slovenia in Winter….ish!

I have recently returned from running my annual Winter in Slovenia workshop. This is the twelfth year in a row that Marko and I have run a winter workshop in this spectacular country. Normally snow and cold temperatures are fairly guaranteed at this time of the year, but on this occasion we managed to coincide with a mild spell! With everybody expecting snow scenes it was quite a challenge for us, but with so many years of workshops we thankfully have a long list of locations to make use of, even in less than ideal conditions. By the end of the workshop we had captured a wide variety of interesting shots. The set of images does look more like the result of an autumn workshop, but nevertheless they still show the beauty of this fascinating country!

Thankfully we had one still morning where we were able to capture reflections in Lake Bled

We also had one fairly misty morning which was good for layered landscapes

This new viewpoint shows Slovenia's highest peak, Triglav 2864m

Another new location was this waterfall with its emerald green pool

This stone church is situated at almost 2200m on the sumit of a mountain just over the border in Austria

You'd have to be pretty dedicated to hike up to this church every Sunday!

Hazy conditions allowed us to shoot layered landscapes in the middle of the day

Layers were also visible from higher altitudes. This image shows the Italian section of the Julian Alps

We shot a lot of stitched panoramas during this trip. The image shows dawn over the town of Kranj

Alpenglow on Slovenia's highest peaks

On the day that the worst weather was forecast in The Alps, we headed to the coastal town of Piran

Another stitched panorama, this time showing Piran's harbour at dusk

Some strange new statues on the harbour wall at Piran!

Thankfully in the high mountains it was cold enough for ice to form, creating some nice winter patterns

The classic slovenian church on a hilltop - not quite snowy enough this year!

We finished up with one of our favourite waterfalls - not an icicle in sight!

Even though we didn't get all of the snowy shots we'd hoped for this was still an enjoyable trip. Our half-day climb up to the summit of a mountain in neighbouring Austria was well worth the effort as it proved to be the only time that we were able to shoot true winter conditions! Our 2016 winter workshop will be offered to all those on the waiting list shortly. There is a chance that we may have a space available, so it's not too late to get your name added to the list!

I now depart for Bulgaria where I'll be running two landscape and wildlife workshops back to back. I'm looking forward to working with the dalmatian pelicans once again....and hopefully returning with another 20,000 images!

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