Lens calibration

You might think that your expensive lenses should perform perfectly straight out of the box. Unfortunately this often isn’t the case and you may find that each of your camera/lens combinations require independent adjustment to its focusing in order to perform optimally. I recommend investing in a very useful piece of equipment called Lens Align Pro. This simple device designed by Michael Tapes enables you to accurately calibrate the autofocus of all your prime lenses to various camera bodies using the AF micro adjustment facility in your camera (if it has one).

The Lens Align device packs flat for easy transportation

It is important to test all possible camera/lens/extender combinations for consistent results. One thing that I would stress is that it’s important to have the lens align target set up in even direct sunlight for best results, otherwise the necessary contrast for consistently accurate autofocus may not be achieved. Once the settings have been made in the camera AF micro-adjustment menu the camera remembers the serial number combinations and settings applied for each, so you never have to go back into the menu to reset lens calibration when changing lenses.

Remember to calibrate the straight lens, as well as all combinations of lens plus extender
It’s not cheap but I highly recommend this device if you want to get the very best sharpness out of your lenses. In fact I now consider it an essential piece of equipment. I tend to re-calibrate every six months or so. Arthur Morris has an excellent tutorial on his website HERE which guides you through the whole process of using Lens Align. I don't bother testing whilst tethered to a laptop as I find the results on the rear LCD (at 100% magnification) sufficient to go by when using a newer camera body with a high resolution screen.

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