Aquatech lens hoods and lens caps

My EF600mm f4L IS II lens is much lighter in weight than the previous model. It is, however, physically just as big as the old one! This means that’s it’s just as hard to find a camera bag large enough to carry it – especially when traveling by air! Part of the problem is the width of the lens hood. Thankfully I found a solution to this problem in the shape of a soft lens hood made by an American company called AquaTech.

The Aquatech Soft Lens Hood is a sturdy alternative to a standard rigid hood

The Soft Hood can be stored flat or rolled tightly when in transit

This hood can be stored flat (or rolled tightly) and carried in hold baggage without the risk of damage (carbon fiber lens hoods are easily cracked if carried in hold baggage, and they cost hundreds of pounds to replace). When in use it attaches to the lens very firmly indeed with the aid of compression straps. I was surprised how well the attachment system worked. It would be very difficult to pull the hood off the lens. It’s stable enough to stand the lens on and weighs about the same as the standard hood. I would highly recommend it to anyone who travels regularly with big glass. 

AquaTech also make alternative lens caps for big lenses. These rubber caps simply push into place, but without actually touching the glass. Again, they help to save a significant amount of space in my camera bag compared to the standard lens cap supplied by Canon. These caps are available only for larger lenses - 300mm f2.8 upwards. AquaTech products can be purchased in the UK from both WEX and Cameras Underwater.

Aquatech lens caps save time and space when using large telephoto lenses

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