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29 Jan 2016

Perfect Pelicans

This year's Bulgaria & Greece Birds & Landscape workshop was once again a great success. I have yet to process many wonderful landscape images from this trip, let alone images of all the other birds we photographed. However, I have managed to chug my way through about 10,000 images of Dalmatian Pelicans, a small selection of those retained are shown below!

We arrived in Bulgaria to be greeted by the first proper snowfall of the year, which made the landscape all the more photogenic. Over the border in Greece the cold temperatures also made the pelicans very hungry and even more cooperative than they were last year. We weren't lucky enough to get snowfall over Lake Kerkini itself, but at least the mountaintops were white and provided a very picturesque backdrop.

As usual, long telephoto lenses are not necessary for this workshop. Dalmatian Pelicans are the largest pelican species in the world and can have a three metre wingspan! Most of my images were taken with my Canon EF70-300mm f4-5.6L IS lens on an EOS 1DX body.



13 Jan 2016

Freezing Finland

I've finally made time to resume my regular diary updates! Along with my daily Facebook and Twitter posts you'll now once again be able to follow my workshop and trips reports in a little more detail.

I began 2016 with a mid-winter trip to Finland, a country that I have visited in three previous occasions. Although I aimed to cover both landscape and wildlife subjects the weather conditions dictated that this was to become predominately a landscape photography trip! When I arrived in Kuusamo on the 2nd January the temperature was -17C....and that was as warm as it got! I had been hoping for cold weather and I was very lucky to time the trip for one of the longest periods of prolonged cold for several years!


One of our first photography sessions was in Riisitunturi National Park in Finnish Lapland. We arrived in time for sunrise at 10.30am! After a long hard slog uphill in snowshoes we arrived at one of the highest points in the Kuusamo region. Up here the trees are exposed to the harshest winter conditions and when the temperatures remain cold enough they...


03 Aug 2015

2016 Landscape Calendar

My new landscape calendar for 2016 is now available from the SHOP page! This is the first calendar I have produced myself and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with it! I've made it as large as is practical with virtually A3 sized images on 50X30cm pages. The paper and print quality are extremely high. It's not cheap, but you are basically getting twelve A3 prints, which could easily be removed and framed after use! I've included colourful landscapes images from around the world, all taken in atmospheric light. This is a limited print run so please order without delay to avoid disapointment! The calendar will only be available here on my website and at my events around the UK.


18 Jun 2015

Too many workshops!

I'm in the middle of one of my busiest periods right now, hence the lack of diary updates. There's just not enough time in the day at this time of the year! So, for the next few weeks I will be aiming to update my Facebook and Twitter pages with one new image a day, rather than compiling my usual more comprehensive diary updates. If you don't already do so please follow me on Facebook and Twitter (using the links at the bottom of the page) to see what I'm up, and what I have been up to over the last couple of weeks. Normal service will be resumed here sometime in July!


15 May 2015

New Zealand (work in progress!)

Cat and I have just returned from a 20-day trip to beautiful New Zealand. Unfortunately I haven't had time to process many of my images before heading off to run my next workshop in the Yorkshire Dales. Because of this I have decided to gradually update this diary entry, adding at least one new image each day this week.

Our trip started very wet, followed by light rain, some showers a bit of drizzle and finally torrential downpours! Although it's fair to say the weather "hampered" our photography somewhat, this was still a very enjoyable and productive trip, if mainly from a research point of view. We found so many places worth returning to that we are bound to head back there soon.

I had been invited to New Zealand to speak at the Photographic Society of New Zealand's annual convention at Tauranga on the North Island. This was a great success with well over 300 people attending the 5-day convention. The other speakers were Julieanne Kost (Adobe specialist from the US), Christian Fletcher (landscape photographer from Australia), Kevin Clarke (sports photographer from New Zealand) and Ken Wright (landscape photographer from New...


22 Apr 2015

Under the Tuscan sun

I've just returned from another highly productive workshop in Tuscany. We were blessed with great weather all week, with misty mornings and colourful sunsets. We timed it just right this year with the fresh spring foliage and blossom erupting just as we arrived. As usual we concentrated on the area of Tuscany just south of Siena from our base in the beautiful Val d'Orcia.

Of course we took the classic views like the Belvedere at dawn, winding cypress tree-lined roads and the church at Montepulciano. However, on all my landscape workshops I like to spend at least one day searching for new locations. For one reason this helps my clients see how I find new compositions in the landscape and for another it means they don't go away with all the same images as the rest of my groups. This year we discovered a fantastic area of rolling hills which looked great in low angled sunlight at the end of the day. This region (shown below) will definitely become a regular location for future workshops!

We also...